Innovation for society and business!

DeepLab is an innovative startup born from the collaboration of a company with decades of experience in IT innovation and an organization representing small and medium enterprises.
The passion for social and technological innovation met to build a new entrepreneurial reality dedicated to the relationship between society and business.


We provide creative solutions!

Our mission is to make access to technology available to all, extending its use to a vast public of companies and social bodies, even those with the least chance of investing in innovation, offering standardized or customized solutions that allow for benefit from its advantages.

Advice service

We analyze the processes and provide solutions to improve them. The advantages of the most innovative technologies for your business


Transparency, immutability and integrity.
How to apply the future to your processes or how to transform them so as not to be left out!

Artificial Intelligence

Smart processes: past and present can help you predict the future.
Thanks to AI we take advantage of the processing speed to amplify human intelligence


BitGood is the service that easily connects those with surpluses with non-profit organizations that carry out redistribution for philanthropic purposes.



Partner of the University of Cagliari, Centralabs Consortium, Competence Center for Sardinia on Transport (Blockchain area for logistics and transport systems)

Partner of the University of Rome, La Sapienza, Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (Artificial Intelligence area)

Members of the scientific committee of the “Interuniversity Center for advanced studies on Blockchain, innovation and labor policies”

Indeed partner agency

Latest from Our Blog

Cesena, BitGood presentation: Confesercenti wants to reduce food waste

BitGood, the innovative project by Confesercenti Nazionale which aims to reduce food waste by offering benefits both to companies that have food or pharmaceutical surpluses and to non-profit organizations that carry out their redistribution for philanthropic purposes.

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BitGood, a portal that unites merchants and non-profits: “The unsold to the needy”

The unsold surpluses will no longer be a problem and this in the spirit of the law 19 August 2016 n.166.

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